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    HT-1009U GPS module and Ublox max

    • No.:HT-1009U
    • Size :10.1mm * 9.7mm * 2.4mm

    HT-1009U GPS/GNSS module is a low power consumption of the main chip super small outline GPS receiver module, the product uses a new generation of U-blox chip, ultra high sensitivity, with full function, can satisfy the requirements of strict corporate positioning. Embedded in the smart GPS services using mobile phone, tablet computer, PND, DVR, portable device, measuring equipment, personnel location management, measurement equipment, timing equipment, vehicle tracking and positioning, tracking and positioning, the taxi company vehicle tracking, positioning and tracking logistics vehicle fault detection, vehicle oil detection, car networking excavator, positioning and so on.

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    Product advantages:1009U.png

    Built in RTC crystal

    Single patch, two SMT application program, more quickly

    UART / TTL, 0 optional output

    The KDS 0.5PPM high precision TCXO

    Made of lead-free technology, conforms to the RoHS standard.

    Support the localization of PPS lights: not lit or closed before positioning; positioning after flashing

    AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline to support A-GPS services

    Adjustable support data refresh rate: 1Hz-10Hz

    Application: from walking mode - Vehicle Mode - static mode - portable mode - Airborne 2D&3D positioning mode and the user can freely set

    The rich data output rate: 9600bps (default) [optional: 1200,2400,4800, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800,921600]

    Can be arbitrarily set collocation output statement: NMEA 0183 V3.0 (GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, GLL)

    Quality control: set the satellite satellite quality control to prevent and elegant rich software settings


    Technical parameters:

    Chip: ublox UBX-G7020-KT

    Protocol: NMEA 0183 v2.3 GALILEO L1 open service (with upgrade) Default:GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, Support:VTG, GLL, TXT ublox binary and NMEA Command

    Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz

    Available rate: 1200,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,112500 BPS

    Channel: 56

    Internal ROM:3Mbit of ROM and 2Mbit of RAM

    Sensitivity: tracking: -162dBm: -148dBm -160dBm catch cold start

    Cold start: an average of 29 seconds

    Warm start: an average of 28 seconds

    Hot start: average 1

    精度:HorizontalPosition:Autonomous<2.5maverage, SBAS < 2.0m average

    Velocity: 0.1 m/s Timepulse signal: RMS 30 ns

    Maximum height: 18000 meters

    Maximum speed: 515 m/s

    Maximum acceleration: less than 4G

    Update frequency: 1-10 Hz

    A-GPS:AssistNow on-line and off-line

    Physical characteristics:

    Type: 18 pin stamp holes

    Size: 10.1mm * 9.7mm * 2.4mm

    Working environment:

    Humidity range: 5% to 95% non-condensing

    Working temperature: -40 degrees C to 80

    Storage temperature: -40 degrees C to 80

    Power Supply:

    Power supply: 3.3VDC + 5%

    Backup voltage: 1.8~3.6VDC

    Power consumption: 18~25mA

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