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    HT-1612M GNSS module

    • No.:HT-1612M, HT-1612M-B, HT-1612M-G
    • Size :16.2mm * 12.2mm * 2.4mm

    HT-1613M uses a new generation of MTK chip with low power consumption, high sensitivity, low overhead in city Canyon, weak signal areas, can fast and accurate positioning. The HT-1612M (GPS system, HT-1612M-B (GPS& mode) Beidou dual system) and HT-1612M-G (GPS&GNSS system). Small size, can be installed in any position inside the car, low power consumption, can adapt to the needs of individual users. Can use a wide variety of GPS terminal products such as car navigation car security system, vehicle monitoring and other satellite positioning application etc..

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    Product advantages:1612M.png

    Single patch, two times more rapid application of SMT scheme

    Made of lead-free technology, conforms to the RoHS standard.

    Built in LNA, low noise amplifier

    Built in SAW Filter

    The KDS 0.5PPM high precision TCXO

    Quality control: set the satellite satellite quality control to prevent and elegant rich software settings

    Antenna with open detection function

    Technical parameters:

    Chip: MT3337/MT3339/MT3333

    Frequency: GPS, GALILEO, QZSS: L1 1575.42MHz, C/A code

    BEIDOU: B1 1561.098MHz

    Protocol: NMEA v2.3 0183

    Available rate: 1200,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,112500 BPS

    Channel: Support 99 channels (33 Tracking, 99 Acquisition)

    Sensitivity: tracking: -165dBm capture: -148dBm

    Cold start: an average of 33 seconds

    Warm start: an average of 30 seconds

    Hot start: average 1

    精度:< 2.5 m[Autonomous] [50%]<3m[SBAS]

    Maximum height: 18000 meters

    Maximum speed: 515 m/s

    Maximum acceleration: less than 4G

    Update frequency: 1-10Hz (default 1Hz)

    Physical characteristics:

    Type: 24 pin stamp holes

    Size: 16.2mm * 12.2mm * 2.4mm

    Working environment:

    Humidity range: 5% to 95% non-condensing

    Working temperature: -40 degrees C to 80

    Storage temperature: -40 degrees C to 80

    Power Supply:

    Power supply: 3.3VDC + 5%

    Backup voltage: 1.8~3.6VDC

    Power consumption: Search: 33mA, tracking: 30mA

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