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    G103 GPS locator vehicle anti-theft device of standby anti-theft device of motorcycle tracker

    • No.:G103 GPS tracker
    • Size :Length width height: 80*50*35mm

    G103 long standby positioning products, products without any external connection, can be installed in any simple appearance of moving objects, and general structure and with strong magnetic structure, built-in super lithium battery, a full 3 years of work, the working temperature of -30 to 85 DEG C for GPS positioning, AGPS positioning, base station location etc.. Product support: GSM and GPRS communication. The main products are suitable for the application of the mobile object in the field of G103 car rental / fleet management, outdoor activities, children / seniors / disabled / valuables monitoring and personal safety, personnel management, tracking and positioning, tracking and so on animal protection and grazing

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    Product function1458134595162143.jpg :

    1 high strength magnets free wiring installation;

    2, GPS base station assisted positioning (platform support);

    3 dustproof and waterproof, industrial design;

    4 vibration modes (intelligent power saving working time in 1-6 months);

    5 long standby mode (a daily report, standby up to 1000 days);

    6 fixed time cycle mode (1-4 every day can be set at the time of reporting);

    7 real time tracking mode (real-time tracking, trajectory perfect);

    8 fixed pitch tracking, historical track playback

    9, electronic fence;

    10 overspeed alarm

    11 blind GSM Report

    12 can be used circularly

    13 low battery alarm





    Machine size

    Length width height: 80*50*35mm


    140g (containing two batteries) 180g (including battery enhanced magnetic)



    The normal power consumption

    Standby 25mA sleep 20uA

    working temperature

    -30 ~75 OC

    Working humidity


    GSM band

    GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

    GPS chip

    High sensitivity positioning module

    GPS tracking sensitivity


    positioning accuracy

    10 meters



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